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Best fitness apps to use in your gym or leisure centre

Are you wondering what the best fitness apps are to help you achieve your goals and manage your business better than ever?

Where would we be without technology? At Jonas Leisure, we’re big believers in choosing the right leisure and gym management solutions for your business. There are so many tools you can use to elevate the way you run your gym or leisure centre, help solidify the relationships between your personal trainers and their clients, and keep track of all the gym leads that walk through your doors.

So here’s our round-up of the best fitness apps to help you run your facility!

Best fitness apps for increasing productivity and keep track of tasks

Fail to plan; plan to fail. A to-do list and task tracker is an essential in any business. Being able to delegate tasks and give your team ownership over certain duties will ensure everything is completed when it needs to be.

There are heaps of great online tools you can use, but Asana and Priority Matrix are some great tools to start with! You can split out your tasks by project, like your COVID-safe action plan, and add due dates to each task. It’s going to do wonders for productivity within your centre!

Contact tracing with Visitance

In light of COVID-19, contact tracing is going to be a massive part in how you keep a record of who attended your gym or leisure centre during the day. If an outbreak were to occur and your centre were to come in contact with an active case, it’s imperative that you have an efficient contact tracing method in place to be able to contact the hundreds of members who walked through your doors in the given timeframe.

Visitance helps you keep track of everyone who walks through your doors, since they need to scan a QR code and complete their details upon entry. It also includes a capacity-counter, so you know when you’re nearing your max capacity for your centre.

Manage client workout programs with Endomondo

When your personal trainers have a lot of clients, they need the right tools to help them help their clients in the best way possible. Not only will it help your personal trainer retain them as a client, but it will in turn benefit your gym since you’ll have a satisfied and loyal member.

Endomondo is a program that enables your trainers to send workout programs directly to clients and track their progress along the way. It works especially well for bootcamps or challenges since members can friend each other in Endomondo and keep track of each other’s progress. It’s the ultimate support network, and gives your trainers a great insight into how their clients are progressing.

Custom mobile app for gyms with Fitnexus

Looking for a customisable mobile app for your gym or health club? Fitnexus helps you reconnect with your members and stay more engaged since they can access your brand from the palm of their hand!

The app can be completely customised to match your unique brand style, and it can be fully integrated with your CRM. It offers exercise tracking so your members can keep track of their workouts within the app. They can also book classes within your gym app thanks to the integrated booking that links to your CRM. Lastly, Fitnexus features unique social features and messaging so that members can connect with each other via the app. Overall, it’s a powerful little app that can do wonders for your gym or health club.

Fitnexus can be set up in as little as 5 minutes – so check it out here today!

Gym lead management with MyMemberSales

What do you do when a potential member enquires about your gym? Or signs up for a free trial and just never returns? Do you have a solid process in place with your sales team to make sure they’re across all of your leads? And give them the best chance at converting them to a long term, loyal customer?

MyMemberSales is a gym lead management tool that can help you manage every step of the sales process. MyMemberSales gym sales software can help you track the entire lead process from enquiry through to sale.

The lead will appear instantly in your system if they have lodged an enquiry via your special MyMemberSales web form embedded on your website or Facebook page. Once the lead is in the system, your sales team can swoop in and take the lead. They can log all of their interactions with the lead in MyMemberSales, follow to-do lists so they never forget to follow up with a lead, and book in appointments to show the lead around your gym.

Via MyMemberSales, you can also set up triggered automated messages, to ensure the lead is kept in the loop at all times. If they have an upcoming appointment, you can send an automated confirmation text so they won’t forget their booking.

Keep track of client nutrition with MyFitnessPal

If you have nutritionists or trainers in your gyms that assist some of their clients with their diets, then a food diary app is a must. MyFitnessPal is an industry leading food diary app that has plenty of functionality in its free version, and even MORE in the premium (paid) version.

Clients can log everything they eat within a day to their food diary, keep track of their calorie intake and the nutritional breakdown of their daily intake including their macros. Your trainers or nutritionists can friend clients in the app and follow along with their diets so they can make informed recommendations to supplement any programs or plans they’ve supplied their clients.

If you’re looking for the perfect solution for your gym or health club that can help you manage everything from memberships to stock, check out our range of solutions here!