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Top things to consider before running a 24 hour gym

When you choose to open your gym to members 24/7, you’re also opening your doors to a wider market and more opportunity. But opening your doors at all hours poses many questions around security, accessibility, and practicality. Will it even be lucrative for your business to become a 24 hour gym?

So, let’s dive into the top things you need to consider when running a 24 hour gym.

Is there demand for a 24 hour gym?

The first thing you need to consider before opening your facility 24/7 if there is even a demand from your customer base for it first. Your existing customers might be perfectly happy with the staffed hours you offer and may not use your gym past these timeframes. Or, your centre may not be in a central location where people could easily visit your centre outside of normal hours. On the flip side, this might be exactly what your current and prospective members are looking for.

Survey your customers and do a little market research to determine if there would be interest in 24/7 facilities.

Weigh up the costs

Crunch those numbers and work out if it will be a profitable decision for your business in the long run. If the set-up costs of extra security, insurances, staff training, extra equipment is going to outweigh the money saved on resources or earned through more memberships then it may not be worth your time. However, if you can see some long-term gain from turning your centre into a 24/7 gym then it may be a great strategic move.

Upgrade your security

Running a 24/7 gym will require an upgrade in your security measures to ensure the safety of both your members and your centre after hours. There are a few ways you can up the ante on your gym security and save yourself some lost revenue.

Tailgating is one of the biggest problems and concerns many gym owners face wen they transition to a 24 hour gym. How can you prevent one member with an access card bringing all their friends in to train for free during unstaffed hours? Or from people with malicious intent, like theft or vandalism, tailgating members unaware?

Luckily, there are a few detection and prevention methods you can implement using Entrance Control’s security.

Use a door detective

Entrance Control’s Fastlane Door Detective is perfect if you have doors with access control sing it helps increase your level of security. It uses an infra-red field across a doorway to monitor the movement of every individual passing through the door. It will only alert security if it detects any unauthorised people trying to enter. The Fastlane Door Detective is designed to help gyms with an access control system overcome the problems caused by tailgaters and control how many people pass through a doorway and in which direction once a valid access card has been scanned.

Use a security portal

Entrance Control offers SecureDoor Portals which act as a two-stage security check in unstaffed areas – ultimately making sure your centre and members are safe and secure at all hours.

SecureDoor Portals offers greater security than a standard turnstile or speedgates. They work by the first door opening, and the authorised gym member walking into the portal. The first door closes, and the anti-tailgating system checks only one person is in the portal. It does this by checking the entrant’s weight against pre-set thresholds. Once this check is complete, and any additional security checks have been passed, the second door opens to let the authorised person into the secure area.

The advanced door interlock technology ensures at least one door is closed at all times to restrict access.

SecureDoor Portals are perfect for gyms who are looking for maximum security and tailgate prevention for their facilities.

Install extra security cameras

As an added precaution, invest in installing extra security cameras around your gym ensuring there are no blind spots to deter members from not following the rules, or any theft of vandalism attempts.

Curious to learn more about how you can up the ante and best prepare your security measures and access control for a 24 hour gym? Check out Entrance Control here.