Udio upgrades swim school software managing swim class

Latest Udio updates offer more for everyone

In an industry that’s constantly shifting, changing and evolving, swim school management software provider Udio is committed to doing the same.

The latest round of updates to the platform offer something for everyone – administrators, swim instructors, and parents and guardians – and demonstrates that commitment by Udio to do more than just talk the talk.

Help, I need somebody…

The introduction of the Help Centre, located under Settings on the left-hand side of your page, is a particular highlight, making it easier for users to find information quickly.

The Help Centre acts as a repository for all manuals and help information, as well as details of updates and new release notes. Users can use the search function within the Help Centre to pull up all information about a relevant topic, rather than having to read through multiple documents that may not even reference that particular topic, as was the case previously.

Keep it clean

Administrators now have the ability to move courses and achievements that are no longer current into historical booking information. This helps keep the Dashboard uncluttered, making it quicker and easier to find current, relevant information on a student, without losing valuable history.

If a course or achievement is accidentally moved to historical booking information, it can be easily recovered from historical booking information.

Super-sizing supervisor information

Udio has made three key improvements to supervisor information since the start of the year, all of which enable better engagement with, and more information for, parents and guardians.

Perhaps most valuable to parents will be the ability for supervisors to add notes to their child’s profile. Supervisors can do this from the Sessions page by clicking on the three dots and selecting ‘Add Note’.

These notes are designed to be short and sweet (e.g. Working on kicking!) and will be automatically replicated across all sessions until manually removed from the child’s profile.

Udio has also made it faster and easier to view a child’s achievements from the Sessions page. Clicking on the three dots and selecting ‘View Achievement Completions’ takes the user directly the child’s achievement page.

Finally, updates to the Customer Contact button mean that when a supervisor selects the ‘Contacted’ button next to the customer, the days since last contacted will be updated instantly to 0 days.

If a customer hits the maximum threshold for no contact set by the business, the customer’s name will appear in the Dashboard in order of longest amount of time since contact. This ensures customer contact details are kept up to date on a regular basis.

But wait, there’s more…

Other recent updates include the new Relationships section, which makes it quick and easy to access information for other enrolled family members, as well as improvements to Udio’s search and payment information functionality.

In coming months there will be big improvements to Udio’s email systems, including the ability to integrate SMS, as well as a range of other upgrades based on customer feedback.